Meeting (COST) Action CA18212 “Molecular Dynamics in the GAS Phase – MD-GAS”. Processes in Atmospheric and Astrochemical Environments.

Plenary Lecture. Gas-Phase Chemistry in Atmospheric and Astrophysical Environments: Insights from Laboratory Experiments. Elena Jiménez

Online, 18-21/01/2021


COST-CM1401 WG1 workshop: “Gas phase cold chemistry of COMs: a challenge for experiments, theory and astrophysical modeling”.

Oral communication: Reaction kinetics of OH radicals with interstellar COMs at low temperaturas. Antonio J. Ocaña, Sergio Blázquez, María Antiñolo, Bernabé Ballesteros, André Canosa, Alexey Potapov, José Albaladejo, Elena Jiménez.

Ciudad Real (Spain), 11–12/12/2017


COST Action CM1401 Meeting Participant invitation to “Our Astrochemical History Week” – Our Astro-Chemical History

Oral communication: Reactivity of formaldehyde toward oh radicals at ISM temperatures. André Canosa, Elena Jiménez, Antonio J. Ocaña, Sergio Blázquez, María Antiñolo, Bernabé Ballesteros and José Albaladejo

Faro (Portugal), 16–20/02/2017


Workshop ”Complex organic molecules in space: gas-phase routes and isotopic enrichment”

Oral communication. Removal of complex organic molecules by OH radicals: Gas-phase kinetics at ISM temperatures. Elena Jiménez, María Antiñolo, Antonio J. Ocaña, Bernabé Ballesteros, André Canosa, José Albaladejo

Pisa (Italy), 7-9/03/2016


European Conference on Laboratory Astrophysics (ECLA): Gas on the Rocks

Oral communication. Gas phase reactivity of complex organic molecules at very low temperatures: CRESU Advances and Astrochemical Impact. Elena Jiménez

Madrid (Spain) 21–25/11/2016