Editor’s Choice

Los editores de la revista Science resaltan nuestro artículo publicado en J. Chem. Phys sobre el papel del vapor de agua en la cinética de OH con acetaldehído a ultrabajas temperaturas en un sistema CRESU pulsado.

Sacha Vignieri, Valda Vinson, Jake Yeston, Ian S. Osborne, Yury Suleymanov, Stella M. Hurtleyand, Seth Thomas Scanlon

Science • 6 Aug 2021 • Vol 373, Issue 6555 • pp. 638-639 • DOI: 10.1126/science.acx8855


Chemical Physics How water affects aldehyde oxidation

Jake Yeston
Although water is a copiously studied solvent, its role in mediating gas phase reactions remains uncertain and hard to determine precisely. Neeman et al. reexamined a previous report that water complexation accelerates the gas phase reaction of acetaldehyde with hydroxyl radicals at 60 Kelvin. Their experiments show that water instead appears to slow the reaction down, and they suggest that the earlier work may have been skewed by aldehyde dimerization at high concentration. Accompanying theory predicts that, despite lowering the energy barrier for hydrogen abstraction from CH3CHO(H2O), water complexation diminishes the dipolar attraction of the reactants.
J. Chem. Phys. 155, 034306 (2021).