Webinar on Climate Change.

Keynote Lecture: Atmospheric chemistry of fluorinated organic compounds, potential replacements of greenhouse gases. Elena Jiménez, María Antiñolo, Sergio Blázquez, Bernabé Ballesteros, José Albaladejo.


11th International Conference on Chemical Kinetics

Poster: Gas-phase kinetics and product study of the Cl reaction with trans-2-methyl-2-butenal. María Antiñolo, Alberto García-Sáez, María Asensio, José Albaladejo, Elena Jiménez.


25th International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena.

Poster: Kinetics of the Atmospherically Relevant Gas-Phase Reactions of Allyl Cyanide. María Antiñolo, Rafael del Olmo, Elena Jiménez, José Albaladejo.


World Conference on Climate Change (WCCC)

Invited talk: Evaluation of the impact of future HFC replacements on air pollution and global warming. E. Jiménez, S. Blázquez, M. Antiñolo, Ole J Nielsen, A J Ocaña, B Ballesteros, J Albaladejo.