Project title: Kinetics of radical-molecule reactions under conditions of the terrestrial troposphere and the interstellar medium: Role on air quality and on the chemical composition of Space (CINEMOL)

Reference: SBPLY / 19/180501/000052

Funding Entity: Community Board of Castilla-La Mancha.

Budget: 119,372.00 € (direct costs) + 21% indirect costs

Period: 01/01/2020-03/20/2023

PI: Elena Jiménez Martínez

Other Researchers: José Albaladejo Pérez, Bernabé Ballesteros Ruiz, Sergio Blázquez González and Daniel González Pérez de Madrid (incorporated on 07/20/2021).


Project title: Environmental impact of alternatives to CFCs and emissions from biomass burning: Gas phase processes and aerosol formation (GASSOL)

Reference: CGL2013-43227-R

Funding Entity: MINECO

Budget: 137,000 € + indirect costs (165,770 €)

Period: 01/01/2014-31/12/2016 (Extended until 31/12/2017)

PI: José Albaladejo Pérez

Other Researchers: Elena Jiménez, Bernabé Ballesteros, Andrés Garzón, Iván Bravo and Ernesto Martínez Ataz.


Project title: Dimethyl sulphide (DMS): Oxidation mechanism in relation to aerosols and climate (DOMAC)

Funding Entity: European Community (Environmental and Climate Programme 1994-1998)

Partners: LCSRCNRS (Orléans, France), University of Wuppertal (Germany), JRC (Ispra, Italy), Fraunhofer Institute (Hannover, Germany), University of Crete (Greece).

Reference: ENV4-CT97-0410

Period: 01/11/1997- 31/10/1999

Total budget: 91.512.300 ptas.

Budget UCLM: 12.500.000 ptas

PI UCLM: Dr. Ernesto Martínez Ataz


Project title: Evaluation of the Climatic Impact of Dimethyl Sulphide (DMS) (EL CID).

Funding Entity: European Community

Partners: University of Wuppertal (Germany), CNRS (France), JRC (Italy), Fraunhofer Institute (Germany), CEAM (Spain), University of Crete (Greece), University of Heidelberg (Germany), NILU (Norway) and DMI (Denmark).

Reference: EVK2-CT-1999-00033

Period: 1/3/2000-28/2/2002

Budget: 114.400 €

PI UCLM: Dr. Ernesto Martínez Ataz